~:New Mayfly Bronze peepers..

Mayfly EyesClose-up

What can I say…a beauty to behold.   These light Bronze peepers are the kind of eyes that really make your face come *alive*.  Yes, we are all  SL mannequins but some look more real than others, and a great set of peepers are startlingly beautiful. Wish I had them RL :DD

And the Melody Hair is also super pretty, new @ Tameless. A mix of Mesh and a fluffy wispy bit on the crown which gives a little movement.

Quick credits (grumbling tummy is a reminder I need to much some breakies lol) :

*Liquid Light Eyes in Bronze [Mesh Option available ] @ Mayfly (New!) *Melody Hair [Mesh]  @ Tameless  (New!)

*Dandelion Choker [Mesh] @ *BOOM*

*Otherside Piercing Set in Razor @ HOD (Group Discount $50. You really should join this Group..LOVE the offers)

*Amy Skin @ Belleza

*Moles @ My Ugly Dorothy

Thankies! ((Xanthe)) xoxo



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