:.: PS I love you (Spring that is:p)


Sun, blue sky and a fresh wind. Spring has finally arrived. Only a month late, so bugger off winter…like a crappy friend you have over stayed your welkies 😀

Anyway..I created a Springish look which makes me feel all happy and girlie inside. Awww.  Plus I wanted to feature these smexy, metallic  *BOOM* Bracelets which looked kinda cute combined with this rather feminine Rokoray Dress from Mon Tissu. The Bracelets are mesh of course and come in an assorted array of colors <33.



BIG sigh…. As one who has a severe case of skin tinting “aggro”  phobia (cue sweaty rash and a sense that boiling one’s own head might be more preferable to enduring the dreadful, muddy colors I end up with when I attempt to tint feet…argg),  I am sooo looking forward to trying out the new GOS Mesh hands (notleast cos the default hands are looking somewhat more precarious in pictures…crinnnnnnge lol).  *Claws* comes to mind.  Please DO score me well for EFFORT below…I know you fashionistazzz  will be aghast  “oh wow..her hands…I didn’t realise people still showed those” *Chuckles*.   Yeah….I KNOW!!! Anyway,  I am patient.  And well, there is  small comfort in the hope that the new skin tinting technologies might just cure me of my silly little phobia   :DD


*Fearless Wrist Bracelet in Silver [HUD/Mesh] @ BOOM* (New) (comes as an Anklet Cuff too)

*Rokorary Dress in Poenies   [Color HUD/Mesh]   @ Mon Tissu (New)

*Jayna Hair @ Milana (New)

*Lavan Wedges in Greyed Scale @ HUCCI (Group Gift Thank you Eboni)

*Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey [Mesh] @ Mayfly

*LookBook Poses by !Bent (Closed for now)

*Kumi Matt Lipstick in Sizzle @ Pink Fuel

*Milk Nails in Gold & Nude @ Mandala


((Xanthe)) xoxo

If I missed anything or if you struggle with links, please feel free to get in touch.

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