~:Southern Comfort Headpiece @ Pididdle (Special Offer!)

Pididdle HeadressF

Check out this extraordinary Headpiece by Pididdle! I go nuts over headpieces and love these, original, organic and artisan inspired looking creations. And if you look at the headpiece closely, you will see engraved foliage with faultless texturing.  A definite must-have.  This one is called  Southern Comfort and is on Special Offer at Pididdle (please note that this item is available for only $40 until 21st March).   So pick yourself up off the floor girls and dash over with your empty  shopping bag :DD

Pididdle HeadressF2

And isn’t this a great  Dress?!

I left my solitary plank (the only place I can render well enough to take a piccie)  and did a little of the Pink Fusion Hunt.  I found this cute, vibrant looking mesh Dress at AVALE.  There are some lovely gifts on this Hunt.

I know it is all about Events these days which of course I love, but Hunts  reinvigorate my love of exploring and discovering new names which is always fun.  I hope you will find some time to do the same.  Details in the link below if you wanna hunt too!


*Southern Comfort Headpiece {Mesh} @ Pididdle ($40 until 21st March)

*Dress @ AVALE {Mesh}  ($5 Pink Fusion Hunt)

*Moment Hair @ Magika

*Zara Skin by Glam Affair @ Skin Fair 2013

*Liquid Light Eyes (True Grey) @ Mayfly

*Poses @ Everglow

Thank you! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

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