:.:Pididdle Kitty Bow Peep Bow*


First I must say..I accidentally created a rather strange, foggy windlight setting which seems to set jewellery to *glow* so it kinda made this lovely *Cluster* Necklace @ Eclectica stand out!  Mostly windlight settings have a rather dulling effect on jewellery so this was a nice surprise!  I will have to find out how to save & share if anyone would like it too <33

Anyway, have you managed to get to the Arcade Gatcha event yet?  I am still waiting in the wings..boo…maybe I log in at the bottleneck  times..hmm…thankfully it runs for a month so plenty of time to collect all the awesome stuffs! 😀

I always get excited when Brutus of  Pididdle releases her items. Like this wonderful Kitty Bow Peep Hairband..get the collection cos you will find yourself looking for a pretty bow at some point. Beautifully made Mesh and only $50 a pop! Links & the Colour Chart below.

And Autres has a sale! Most items are 50%  off…I picked this lovely Tan Tank Top for $100.  Lots of pale muted colours to choose from.


Please let me know if these pics are jaggy or not showing properly.  My laptop is struggling atm…and sometimes I wonder if they look completely urgg on more powerful PCs.  haha.


*Kitty Bow Peep Heandbands|Cream BrownFur by Pididdle @ Arcade Gatcha ($50 per play)

*Suede Tank|Pastel Tan @ Autres (Sale)

*Cluster Daytime Glow Necklace @ Eclectica

*Amy Skin|Medium @ Belleza (Best Buy)

*Runway Pose by !Bent (Closed for now)

*Liquid Light Eyes|London Fog  @ Mayfly (Group Gift)

Thank you!! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

PS here is the Kitty Bow Peep Collection!

PIDIDDLE - Kitty Bow Peep Headbands - COLOR KEY


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