~:BOOM trends

BOOMJAcketBlk   This is the current release at *BOOM* which is a pretty clever Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket, full of folds and shading and nifty texturing which kinda makes you wonder how on earth Arnel did it! Thank you Aranel!

This Jacket was inspired by a Victorian Edwardian era..but I kinda worked it with a more modern feel…I think it will probably look awesome with those big baggy trousers that are currently on trend atm..but being a girlie girl, I wore it over a very simple plain Mesh Bandage Mini Dress.  <33  Comes in several colors, such as Hot Pink but I am featuring Pitch & the Aqua color below!


I umm..took more pics .  Eyes drooping as its kinda late..but I shall whizz out the credits below.


Bandage Dress 3


*Duveteux Rayonnant Jacket @ *BOOM* (New!)

*Bandage Mini  Dresses by Ricielli (*TDR)

*Phoebe Lace Boots in Beige @ lassitude & ennui

*Amberly Skin in Arctic 11 @ Glam  Affair

*Kumi Lipsticks @ Pink Fuel

*August & Beat Poses @ Miseria (Beat Poses are Group Gift)

*Liquid Light Eyes in London Fog @ Mayfly (previous Gift)

*Return Hair @ Elikatira (Top Pics)

*Tyler Hair @ Truth (Bottom Pics)

Thanks for peeking,  I must get some shuteye..adios zzzzz ((Xanthe)) xoxox

Gosh..half asleep last night and forgot to tick for ihearts.  So here goes :DDDDD


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