Dreamy LookFAm rushing a little as I need to pop into town to panic buy some provisions…we seem to have been hit by a ghastly spell of weather in England so I imagine I will be stuck indoors all weekend.

Anyway, this is a dreamy look I cooked up earlier while chattering to Maisie, Paco & Squashy.  I have no idea how I managed to keep 3 convos going and fiddle with lashes at the same time…but I think they are all used to my incomprehensible drivel and appaulling typos lol!

I went back to pick up more of the Belleza Skin which was out for FLF and missed it..boo. Wanted the Pink & Purple.  Nm..I got the Teal Flash yesturday so this is it.  A very doe faced cute look.  Stay the Night Hair in StefaniExile, Evening Sky Eyes @ Poetic Colors  and Tulip Dress in Sea @ Ingenue.    Silver Butterfly Clips @ Addiction Jewellery.

Thanks! Tumbling out.. ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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