~:Little Poppy

*Poppy Shape Gift*


Thankfully it took less than 9 months to create Poppy…well 2 days actually…(a completely natural birth with the help of a little coffee)…and here she is..already 5 3/4 yrs! How she has grown!

Already we have 2 large toy boxes filled with an assortment of bunnies….a shopping trip is never complete without bringing back *yet-another-pink-fluffy -bunny*.  *Smiles sagely..*. Any attempts at culling the soft toy numbers is met with a sad face and *Mummy have you seen  Flossie bunny?”…or ” Where is Tinkie bunny?” Sigh..Poppy wants a *real* one of course but that will have to wait until she is 6 yrs old. Auntie Squashers’ has promised her a real bunny for her birthday.

Her favorite thing is Vanilla ice-cream.  Am sure she would eat nothing else if she could..this little treat has to be restricted to twice a week (and only if Poppy has been a good girl).

We had a naughty tantrum earlier over Mummy’s red Chanel Lipstick…Poppy refused to accept the cast off lipstick tossed in the dress up box for play…oh the tears! Am sure the neighbours concluded that I was torturing the wretched child! So no more ice-cream this week!  Still..it’s clear she has her Mummy’s good taste..and that cant be a bad thing can it? 😀

*Poppy Shape ([CS Shapes] Group Gift)

*Michi 111 Skin @ Mother Goose

*Aisling Dress @ *Baby Pie*

*Pink Mouse Ears @ Auxiliary

*Bunny Tattoo (no longer available)

*Monet Eyes in Rainwater @ Mayfly

Oh the fun of play! Merry Christmas! Thanks for peeking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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