~:Yummy Pididdle Special Treasures* + 22769 Keira Gown*

Pididdle TreasuresF

Hello!  So many gorgeous events atm..omg..it’s hard to keep up! Grooannn…

But one of the many *must haves* is this cute little My Special Treasures Necklace by Pididdle @ Arcade Gatcha event.  The one above contains a pretty pink Butterfly but you will find all sorts of cute little treasures, including the *RARE* ones…see the pop up vendor piccie below.  And only $50 a pop! You have a chance of winning around 18 necklace versions plus 5 rare ones.  No kidding 😀 And these cute little treasures are very reminiscent of what most of us loved doing at one time or other as a kidlet .. collecting flowers, polished stones and shells! Sweet! <33

But as I grown up, I am teaming this unusual necklace with the rather fetching figure hugging black  Keira Gown by 22769 ($10 With Love Hunt )  Thank  you Pacopops <33.  You can see the Gown in full below!

Incidentally the pretty  Amberly Skin is Glam Affair (Collabor88)  (an impossibly smoochy skin…) .  And the Slouchy Bow in Pink by Auxiliary (also at the Arcade Gatcha). And…not forgetting the [ Rue Abel Loveseat by Cheeky Pea ($10 on the With Love Hunt).] This is a beautifully baked item which is an amazing gift. Thank you Isla! Deep Sky Eyes @ Mayfly and finally..the Tomorrow Hair is Magika.I think that covers it.  Oh and the Inner Sexy Model Poses are ZZANG.

Keira Dress1F

*My Special treasures by Pididdle @ Arcade Gatcha Event*

My Special Treasures by Pididdle

Thank you for peeking.  If you struggle with any links please feel free to toss me an IM in World.  ((Xanthe)) oxoxox



6 thoughts on “~:Yummy Pididdle Special Treasures* + 22769 Keira Gown*

    1. Aww thank you so much Genna! So sweet of you to say so and of course I shall add your blog ink. You look so cute! Thanks again for your support<333 ((Xanthe)) xoxo

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