Hello! I had a spurt of insomnia last night, and despite the cold in RL, the sight of a cute bikini, cute hair and even cuter little fawn antlers cheered me up!  This is such an easy look to achieve, and not so costly.  Most of the items are widely blogged and well, the ones that aren’t wont burn a big hole in your pocket.

The awesome Steff II Streaked Mesh Hair is by Alice Project .(Where is the Concert? Hunt)  It has  these soft colored streaks to match whatever you are wearing.  And the style..well it is soo sexxy.  Thanks Alice.  Here is one creator who works stupendously hard and still gives out so much.

The Ellio Bikini in Stripe (Cocoa) is BOOM. Aranel really does the skimpiest, sexiest and most tasteful bikinis on the Grid!  Nom nom nom <33.  I added Tequila Sunset Lipgloss by MOCK to the Maria skin by Essences (TDR). Finally, look out for the incredible Poses by OVATION. Extremely sexxy poses which are very flattering for bloggers and photographers. And my favorite little Fawn Antlers are by +Half-Deer+.(Gatcha and only $35 a pop). I tinted these dark just to go with the look.  And the stunning Light Liquid Eyes in Rising Spring are Mayfly (Mesh).

That’s it.  Me dashes off.  Have a great day <33 ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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