~:Crowned by SugarCoat

Hello! I took a wander to the Elderflower SIM to see what UH and Sugarcoat were up to. I found this cute Crown Gatcha by Sugarcoat (adorable!) (logged in briefly and have added the link!) And only $40 so go get!  She also has Playing Card mouthies which you can see in the bottom pic!

I am super crashy atm so can’t enable shadows so I kept the look very simple.  Ginny Skin in Europa @ Glam Affair (worn with Mizu Chrome lippie by MOCK. Hazel Shape (Promo $99)

Incidentally I never know how skin creators feel when we use make-up layers from from other creators…for me it is just to get a different effect (for snapshots mainly) and should never be construed as anything but that.  For skins, I use brands I trust.  Always.

Anyway, most of the credits are from memory.  Can’t seem to log into SL! Gahhh….but the Rose Lingerie is by JBPose my own. Monet  Eyes @ MayflyHair is Exile (cant’ remember which one..newish anyway)

Thank you so much for reading!

Huggies (((Xanthe)) xoxo


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