~:Miseria & Aux

Hello! Sunday postie on a cold winter’s evening.  Good to escape into SL  to take my mind off this icy chill!

I am a little behind in the blogging stakes…a combination of being under par healthwise and having a rather clunky, laggy  PC.  But I have been meaning to blog Miseria’s Batty Corsets which you can find at the Cinema Event.  This is Ink…but you get loads of other colors to choose from. Thank you Miseria! <33

One of the many reasons I love corsets it that they look great with just about anything…skirts, pants, and of course undies which I wear to reduce the frightful lag while I shop.  Anyway do get these…they are simple but beautifully hand drawn.

Another item I have fallen in love with are these Ombre Skinny Mesh Jeans by Auxiliary @ Dressing Room Blue (only $70! Thank you to Clarity and Tyr for this offer). I just wanna smooch the !@#$%^&* out of them and as for the bottie..well its very sexy and cute.  Oh bugger..I shoulda taken a close up.  Anyway..the ombre colors are stunning (yellow & purple), the details just amazing and well..and if you love your staple low-rise jeans…you will adore these!

Other credits: Black Eleonora Earrings are Perseforna @ BlackOnly, and Alena Skin is Pink Fuel (worn with Elly Lippie). Oriental Pearl Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Giftie..thank you Lano!)  The lovely Black Chest of Drawers in the backdrop is from the Boathouse. (do check out this furniture store if you can).  Mesh lamp @ MudHoney.  Poses are August Poses @ Miseria.

Have a great week! ((Xanthe))


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