~:The Shirt..

Hello!  There is always a shirt that you put on and it feels instantly right.  This safari Style Mesh Trendy Trench Shirt by AMD is certainly one that looks stylish, on trend and versatile enough to make an impact on your virtual wardrobe.  Me loves it.  Comes in several colors including red for those who love a slash of bold color.

I threw on the new Folklore Leggings from League..again leggings are my thing cos it means I don’t have to mess around with sculpts or sizes…one size fits all.  Wheyheeyyy!!!  I like things simple.  Close up below of these beautiful light grey eyes from Mayfly.  Steely, attractive eyes which are extraordinarily realistic.


~ Trendy Trench Shirt in Blue (Mesh) @ AMD (New)

~Folklore Leggings  in Shibori Shadow @ League (New)

~Jen Skin in Fair Bloom @ League (mole painted on)

~Sweet Coral Lipstain @ MOCK

~Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey @ Mayfly (New)

~Leila Shape @ BlackOnly Event (coming soon) October 15-31)

~Glamazon Hair in Black (Mesh) @ Clawtooth

~Autum Pose @ Miseria

~Nails in Hawthorn @ Mandala

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo

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