~:Chocolately Mix

Moaarrr booobage! Forgive the spillage (again)…comes with the territory as a shape creator.  I am extremely body shy in RL but seem to spend most of my time half nekkie in SL (!!!) (Alone I might add you naughty peeps :D).  My advice is kiss the boys and make them cry!   *giggles*. Kidding.

Anyway…what is this look about..let me see…aside from the backdrop which is the 2 prim plank I call home, this is a happy mix of stuffs, a few of which you might like. I will try and include a few links so you can scoop up some of the gifts.  Big thank you to all the generous creators.

KARINTHIA Shape* (Weekend Special only $199)

*Super curvy shape to suit Medium & Large Standard Sizing*

*Bonus Shape for non-Mesh Clothing.

I wanted to wear a bigger shape this week.  Been in my dinkies ones for a while now and so I rather fancied a bit more squishyness!



~Karinthia Shape (Weekend Special $199) Offer Ends Sunday-ish

~White Stripe Bikini Top @ SAKIDE (part of a set Summer Harvest Hunt) (Gift) Thank you Kinu!

~Mesh Mini Skirt @ Happy Undead (Summer Harvest Hunt) (Gift) Thank you Carra!

~Shaadi Tattoo @ Juicy Box (love her tats!)

~Aqueous Necklace @ EllaBella (Part of a Set Summer Harvest Hunt) Thank you Ellantha!

~PruismLeggings @ Ducknipple

~Briar Skin @ Aura

~Tote Bag @ Auxiliary (Group Gift)

~Hypothermia Lips @ MOCK

~Pure Sneakers @ REAL

~Poses @ CS Shapes (Group Gift)

Thanks for peeking.  ((Xanthe)) xoox


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