~:Tahiti bound

Fun post!  The great thing about SL is you can be whatever you want.  Today I decided to pretend I was bound for a Tahitian beach, so I delved into my inventory to see what I would come up with.  This entire outfit (prim bikini and sandals) is by Slave and I guess they are called silks. They are nicely made & affordable for those who participate in Gorean RP but also worked equally well for conventionals (like myself) who perhaps want to try a different look.   😀

For the bikini I added a reziser which Yabusaka kindly gave me *ages* ago and so I was able to edit it with ease.  The Mesh Beaded Sandals below (also by Slave) were pretty easy to use which was great (I am super  impatient when it comes to matching skin).  I didn’t key in the RGB values (doesnt work that well for me but it could be my viewer))..I simply moved the cursor around the bottom right hand corner until I got a reasonable good skin match (see below). A little play in picmonkey and this was the result.

I made the Poses especially for this post and have given them to my Group.  Check the notices  in the link below (see Credits:

These beaded sandals would work perfectly well for a  hippy beach look too I think.


~Vanity Prim Flower Bikini @ Slave Dressing Room (I recommend you add your own resizer for ease of edit)

~ Vanity Beaded Beige Sandals @ Slave Dressing Room

~Susannah Hair @ kik

~Tropfen Necklace @ Bliensen + MaiTai ( I really must blog more of this brand.  Incredible jewellery!)  They are at the Vintage Fair, Black Market and on the “If I were Rich Hunt”)

~Helena Mil_Coin Toss Skin @ Aura

~Pink Lipstick @  Lolita (Pink Ribbon Affair)

~Zoella Shape  here

~Demure Poses here (Group Gift – check notices) (Group Link)

((Xanthe)) xoxo


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