~:Savvy Mesh Miami Linens @ BOOM

Haiiii! Look what I got! Check out these savvy, slouchy Linen Miami Mesh Trousers above from BOOM.  Arent they awesome?!  I love linens and have several pairs in RL. Summer is not the same without the cool, comfy feel of natural linen  against your skin.

And these are just fab (thank you Aranel!)  well designed and I particularly the wide legs and cuffs which gives them a casual androgynous edge..and they have just the right amount of shading and detail for a super realistic feel!  The pants come in tons of shades including muted tones but  I am featuring Cobalt & Granite. The choice is wide so I am sure you will find a color you love!  I matched them up with these gorgeous Tanks from Crazy Clothes. Credits below:

~Miami Linen Mesh Pants @ BOOM (New!)

~Tanks*Crazy* (part of a set of 3)  (New!) $50 only!

~Mesh Fedora @ NYU (Subscribo Gift)

~Toscana Necklace & Bracelet @ Eclectica

~Boots @ Miel

~Briar Skin @ Aura

~Forbidden Lipstick on Coral @ here $5 a pack of three)

~Pearl Eyes in Sunset @ Poetic Colors  (New)

~Zoella Shape @ here

~Poses @ dfo!

Thankies ((Xanthe)) oxox


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