~:Tiffy’s Tiara

Hello and hope you are having a great Sunday.  Well what an amazing couple of weeks it has been here in our incredible Olympic bubble! It has been very inspiring and yeah..maybe I will finally get off butt and run for a medal in the Pentathlon heats 2016 😀

For now I am an SL Princess.  Thanks to Tiffy of Eclectica, I have this absolutely stunning Nouveau Leaves Set which you can also scoop at the Vintage Fair.  Tiffy is a sweetie and focuses her energies on creating awesome pieces such these. I feel enormously privileged to own this collection not least because it defines SL artistry at its best. Looks even better & sparkley without windlight settings!  The collection includes a bracelet, ring, hair pieces & brooches.   I was only able to snap one pic but I hope to include some the other items in another bloggages 😀  Ty Tiffy! <33

And of course if you are a role player and a would be Princess too or maybe you just love to make a statement, then you will love this collection!  Other credits below:


~Nouveau Leaves Tiara & Jewels Set by Eclectica (Direct Link @ Vintage Fair)  (open until Aug 29th)

~Sachi Lingerie @ Nzuri

~Cleo Shape (unreleased)

~Briar Starlight Skin @ Aura

~Elly Rasberry Lipstick @ Pink Fuel

~Deep Sky Eyes @ Mayfly

~Hair @ Truth

Thanks!  Oh dear…a few dusty, croaky musicians dragged out of the 80’s to perform in the closing ceremony. Yay! Rule Britannia! Completely mad but fun<33  ((Xanthe)) xoxo

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