~:BOOM’s Lime & Coconut* Ellio Bikinis

Hello there!  You can be forgiven for thinking I spend ALL my time in lingerie & bikinis (I DO!!! Mostly cos I am tinkering with a shape..*pokes tongue out* :p).  BUT..if you wanna look cool & fabulous on a beach then you might like to check out the new collection of Ellio Bikini’s at BOOM.  I am featuring the Lime & Coconut but there is a *huge* choice of Mix & Match separates (including tan lines), all discounted.  I love these bikinis notleast cos they are super sexy without the..you know.. TMI factor.  :D.  Though boobies below are rather eye-wateringly biggish (it’s the angle of the pic!)

If you like the mouthie, it is at **Tetora** (Gatcha $20).  Jen Skin @ League I added a lippie layer (Popsicle Naturele Lip Stain $5 pack here). Top Pose by Ciss Criss (no LM..sorry.  Creator is on holiday).  Rainwater Eyes @ Mayfly.  Bottom Pose my own. Close up below of the wild & woolly look below :D. ( This Salome Hair by Lelutka seems permanently welded on my scap atm…*plays with a curl* . So cute.


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