~:Honeyed Bee* Skin

Oh hello! I have Sopha Portal  to thank for this skin.  My Ugly Dorothy *Bee Skin* which is just adorablz!   And finally, you get to see the latest release by Scroll Jewellery by  Addiction Jewellery.  I find windlight settings can diminish the sparkle of your pretty gems so I created this super soft windlight which is super subtle and allows you to snap skin & jewels without those ghastly overcast grey effect.  More pics and credits below.


~Bee Skin in 04 Salmon @ My UGLYDOROTHY (Group Gift/closed Enrollement for now) Available to purchase instore! <33

~Acquamarine Scroll Necklace & Earrings @ Addiction Jewellery (New!)

~Anastasia Mesh Dress by 22769 @ TGGS (New!)

~Fashion Icon 3 Poses by Bent  @ One Voice 

~Honey Shape @ CS Shapes (New!)

~Nails@ Mandala

~Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn)@ Mayfly

Hmm..pic below a bit blurry but including it so you can see the gown.  Sorry for the picture spam.  Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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