~:Al Vulo & Indyra Originals (Gala Phoenix One Voice Fundraiser*)

I think anyone who has observed the Copyright case between Hush & Curio cannot help but be dismayed and upset for Gala Phoenix, the owner & creator of one of the best loved skin brands in the whole of SL. Gala Phoenix is incredibly talented and creates the most unique, hand drawn & beautiful skins which have been refined over the years. I cannot imagine how devastating it must be to find yourself in the unenviable position of having to defend your brand against accusations which are frankly preposterous and indefensible.

Anyway, as the Copyright case has now entered the realms of a RL litigation, the costs of which will be ridiculously high, a Fund-raiser event called One Voice event (July 9-15) has been organized to assist Gala with her legal fees.  These are testing times and wishing Gala all the best and hope the issue is resolved  and that we have Curio skins back very soon!

The event serves an additional purpose in that it is designed to demonstrate collective unity among content creators in SL.  Copybotting is every creator’s nightmare and this predicament can happen to anyone.  You can show your support by attending the event and purchasing items for this very worthwhile cause.

Thank you to Sophia Harlow & Vivienne Graves  for organising the event plus  Eku Zhong  for providing a venue for free.  And also the contributors who have generously donated quality items where 50-100% of the profits will go to support Gala. Please check out the link below for the list of creators.

The items I am featuring here are the lovely *Celeste BodyCon Mesh* Outfit by Indyra Originals and *Georgie* Skin by Al Vulo.

One Voice Venue

One Voice Fund-raiser Event List of Creators

One Voice Flickr Stream


~Celeste BodyCon Mesh Dress and Sylph Bangles & Earring, Kelsi Pumps by Indyra Originals (Selection of Donated items)

~Georgie Skin in Peacock Custard by Al Vulo (Donated item, part of a collection of skins)

Other credits: Ciri Shape here. Caramel Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Gift) Runaway Pose @ Bent. Hair @ Truth.

Happy shopping!

Thankies! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


2 thoughts on “~:Al Vulo & Indyra Originals (Gala Phoenix One Voice Fundraiser*)

    1. Not in England where it can also mean *hard work* which is the meaning I was inferring. Hopefully anyone reading the text will have drawn that conclusion especially given the context & spirit in which it was written. However, having googled it, I see what you mean and appreciate it has an altogether DIFFERENT meaning in the US! Urg. Anyway, to avoid any misunderstanding I have removed it and thank you for pointing it out Sunshine

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