~:Romana glitters…

Hello from sunny, rainy Tunny.  A little blogging was all I had to do when all the chores were done & dusted, shopping executed like  a pro and nothing on the box. Though I am slightly out of the loop as not been in SL much..having been busy.  Stripping is hard work! (wall paint that is). Then of course there is PS..an even bigger challenge for a technophobe (though minor achievements make me soo happy! )

Ok..so this sizzling, glittery look (more in a moment)…Firstly, you might have noticed the face is a little different.  I left my chubby, round girls in my Invent while I decide on themes, creations & stuff for my new shop.

In the meantime, Marg asked me to create a shape for her low key, Retreat Event. So this is ROMANA Shape.  This is a cute  event with some special goodies for die hard SLers as well as newies who want to look fabulous dahling.  You might like to check out!

Interesting face on this shape btw..might appeal to those who like to look a little haughty & mysterious. Incidentally, the hips look much wider in this shot cos of the angle of the camera.  They are much more proportionate..honest :D.


~Romana Shape @ The Retreat ($50 Special)

~Mesh Sequins Suelen @ Amarelo Manga

~Alena Skin @ Pink Fuel

~Radiance Necklace & Butterfly Hair clip  @ Addiction Jewellery

~Monet Dawn Deep Sky Eyes {Mesh} @ Mayfly

~Pose (my own)

~Skin moles @ My Ugly Dorothy

~Moelleux Hair @ DeLa

((Xanthe)) ..naptime… Zzzzzz


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