Haii! Since I downloaded V2, I am finally beginning to appreciate  the wonderful world of self-made windlights (woot!). This is just one of them! *grins*.

Previously, it was all a bit little tricky as I crashed so easily. Yawns…but V2  seems to accommodate my old PC..soo wheyhey!  Also,  I don’t lag as much in V2 and I love the fact I can turn up my graphics super high without biting my lip & praying…

This look is a mix of old and new.  The pretty Tie Neck Maxi Dress @ Bereckless (New).  I like her personal texturing & the large floral print makes the dress more unique. And is you are looking for affordable mesh, then this might be a good option!

The Temple of Light Necklace & Earrings  @ Addiction (New).  Incidentally, these photos don’t really do this jewellery set much justice but I will blog it again soon! It really is a WONDERFUL set!  Elizabeth Hair is TamelessMonet Deep Sky Eyes @ Mayfly (non Mesh). Ciri Shape here.   I sniffed out the Hair flower from my inventory which is Shag (Lily Hair accessory).  Poses are BENT! (Runaway Pose Collection).  Jen Skin in Natural is League.  That’s it! Thanks for looking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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