~:Light fantastic..

Why hello there! Eyes..doncha just love ’em! Windows to your pixels! Yeah, I have 2 colors on..just for the fun of it :D.  It is interesting to see how eyes have evolved and now the possibilities are endless.  Some even allow you to dilate your pupils (& we all know what that means *wink*.  Get those pose balls rezzed chaps!). But yeah…me thinks most of us just want beautiful eyes.. radiating warmth & light fantastic.

There are tons of mesh eyes on the market  that offer a variety of usual options but ya know..I kinda like things neat & simple.  And I have a particular fondness for Mayfly Eyes cos the HUDS don’t scare me off  & the colors are well..awesome.  They have been around awhile now and I hope everyone has had a chance to sample some of their hunt gifts. Anyway, the set above are the Deep Sky Eyes (Rainshower Shadow (R) and Bronze (L)).

The lovely ROWENA Skin is by Essences (in Rosy Pale.  Worn with Eyeshadow 04 and Lipstick 05 I think!) (Newish).  I think this skin has to be my favorite so far by Inka, darker tones available if you prefer a more tanned look.  The wild-looking wig is NOISE Hair @ Emo-tions (New).  Shape is Aurore (unreleased) . Thanks for peeking & if you are reading this far…*chin chin*! ((Xanthe))xoxo

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