~:Unconventional beauty…

…”in the old age dark eyes were not counted fair,
Or if they were, they bore not beauty’s name;
… though my mistress’ eyes are raven black … not born fair, but no beauty lack”. RAWR! (changed this sonnet slightly btw)

Thank you to Squashy for this stunning Darling Lingerie Set from  Utopia.  I LOVE it!  And it wasn’t even my Birthday. Aww..I was so touched not least because Squashy has been through a horrendously difficult patch and still manages to make me laugh at her wry insights into SL and remains kind and generous in her customary thoughtful way.  Love you squishes! <3333.

I have clearly been living under a rock pool as the brand Utopia is unfamiliar to me (that or my rather lackluster SL social life).  But apparently it is a great place to find *posh* frocks. Me feels a fancy do coming on…wheyhey!! catch the other credits below:

Sophia Hair is by Tameless (Mesh part worn with hairbase). Mercer Shape as before.  Skin @ Aura.  And Runaway Pose @ BENT!  Darkness Eyes in Blue Moon @ Umedama Holic.  Thankies! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

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