~:Doncha look…

“Doncha wish your gf was hot like mee…”

Me goes all Gangsta Girl here LOL!   Just a fun look for an otherwise conservative proponent of the girlie look.  I cooked this up as I chewed over what might be a life changing decision in RL tom.  Meh..so a little distraction was called for. I rather like the Chloe Leggings (New) which are simple &  un-sculpted.  You get  a bunch of styles in the pack. You can see the back view below. Tizia  Hair is Emo-tions (New).  Mercer Shape is also new if you like a wide rump (yup..we talking mega curves here<33 ) plus the smoochie face.  A shape after my own heart.

Illusory Skin @ TDR.  Poses @ CS Shapes (Dollarbie). Feather Necklace @ Essences.  Rainshower Mesh Eyes @ Mayfly. Face shot below.  I haven’t added all the links but do IM me if you get stuck.  Thanks for peeking! ((Xanthe))


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