~: Fruity Mesh (MA Hunt Gift)

Hello!  Happy Jubilee & Bank Holidays if you are in the UK or Commonwealth. Quite an eventful weekend for our old Queen & her fam…and wishing the cheeky Duke a good recovery too!  Anyway, I decided to escape the pomp & pageantry for a bit and do some blogging.  Just a whinsy post after I completed the Mesh Around  Hunt the other day..found a few gems including this colorful Dress from Happy Undead. It is a simple enough Dress but what I love about it are the colors!  Melony goodness which cheered me up! See fuller view below:

I love this *Late at Night* hair from Exile (TDR)…haven’t taken it off since I bought it.  Nude Nails are Mandala.  Ciri Shape here. Briar Skin is Aura.  Doll Eyes in Purple @ Umedama Holic (you may have noticed I like light eyes and have supported his work for a long time.  Hope he returns with more awesomeness soon). Pose is my own.

Thanks for looking in.  ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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