~:Vintage 1950’s Glam Glasses @ Eclectica

Hello!  I just wanted to show you these fabulous 1950’s Vintage style Rhinestone Glasses from Eclectica (New) <33 Ty Tiffy! I think they are very illustrative of that period (when girls adorned their demure ginghams and flooffy dresses with eye-catching costume style jewelery).

Anyway, I love the soft  butterfly shape and decorative pearls on the frame..stunning! Menu driven so you can change the color of the gems and lenses to match whatever you are wearing!  Eyes @ Mayfly (see previous post). Briar Skin @ Aura.  Ciri Shape @ CS Shapes. (New)Vivienne Hair is D!VA (Collab88).  Good Fortune Earrings @ Addiction.

Thank for looking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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