~: GotHIC GLaM…


Hello!  Now here is a smoldering  look you might like on your ermmm…”intended target”.  Or if there isn’t one..maybe you can just look smokin! Wheyheyy! LOL.    But hopefully this look will help you pose provocatively.  And yay for  *romance* and the black arts of seduction (not that I am an expert by any means I have to add *coughs*)> Anyway…if you like this look then you will need your  League Jen Skin (GlamGoth in Pale)  Ciri Shape,(fits MESH *Medium*),  Deep SkyMesh Mayfly Eyes, Elizabeth Hair @ Tameless (in Midnight, the stunning Maxi Day Dress by AMD and  pose on a Noctis Velvet Sofa (previous Hunt Gift) and et voila!  Who can resist you! Oh and the Earrings are part of the Denim Summer Set by WOW Designs.

The sitting pose was gifted to me by Creamy Cooljoke <33.  That’s it.  Thank you for reading.  Hugz ((Xanthe)) xoxox

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