~:Ciri Shape (New!) & :Sugar: skin…

Hello! Happy Weekend! As I nursed a little head flu and toothache, and woe me misery..le sigh..*grabs her blankie & sniffles dramatically* I played a little SL to take my mind of things and….

…created this pretty shape to cheer myself up a little! CIRI Shape is kind of a smoochy baby face, shortish and very curvy so the kind of look you might want to snuggle up in.   You can get CIRI Shape @ CS Shapes (2 sizes to fit Standard SizeMesh Size *Medium & Small*) .   The skin is rather striking isn’t it?  I do like this :Sugar: Fireball High Voltage Skin (you will NEED to wear your Alpha Lash Layer  btw :D).  Tyra Hair in Naturals is EMO-tions.  And the extraordinary Deep Sky Eyes (Rainshower Shadow, w2) @ MAYFLY (a must have if you love blue eyes!!).  Lingerie is Whippet & Buck (Collab88) . Sweet Spring Poses @ CS Shapes. Fuller view of shape below.

Thanks for looking in and enjoy the rest of your weekend! ((Xanthe)) xoxoxo


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