~:Eclectica Barette & Mayfly Eyes (New)

Hello there! Check out this clever little Hair Barette hairbuckle by Eclectica (NEW!) an intricate, detailed piece which looks even more amazing in World!

I confess I was a little worried that the effect of windlight & lighting etc might diminish the look of it in some way but I hope the close up gives you a flavour of how great they are. The Barette comes in Silver/Gold options and can even be worn at the back of your head to compliment your updos etc.  Thank you Tiffy! And of you want to check out more of Tiffy’s work, please link up to her blog here:  Eclectica Jewellery.

And the strikingly realistic Mesh Eyes (Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Hazel Shadow, w1) are by Mayfly (NEW!). I have Hazel eyes in RL and was delighted to get my pixels a set! Again, lots of color options to choose from & super easy to adjust the size too!

If you are wondering how I achieved the look about…weelllll I had a little play in the ever popular pic.monkey to create a vintage feel!  All in good fun 😀 Thanks ever so much for peeking in.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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