:~Bella Ella Shape (New)


Oh me-oh-my…Happy Weekday!  Yea, I have been at it again and made this bella Ella Shape @ CS Shapes. Mmmhmmm… purrdddy I think..hope you like her anyway<33

Styling details are included in the pack.  The pretty beige Lingerie Set is Koketka…gorgeous set which come is the prettiest colors!  Do get the pack..you won’t regret it! (there is also a free gift at Koketka too! Ty Slavia!)  Lingerie Pose is also [CS Shapes] @ the WCF (Near the Landing Point) $1 (you will also find a Pose Gift Set ($0) in my Stall @ WCF (I can’t remember which one I used but it will be on one of the packs at the WCF.  Briar Skin is Aura. Vanessa Hair is YunA’s Hair.  I haven’t included all the links but these should be easily accessible in Search.

Thank you for looking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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