~:Rosa Shape~ (Limited Special*)

Hi!  This is ROSA Shape* @ CS Shapes which I created for my Group for Valentine’s Day.  Soft face on this shape. I havent been well these last few days so wasnt terribly organised in terms of blogging the offer etc.  As Valentine is over, I will leave ROSA Shape out until tomorrow in case anyone needs a pretty new shape. Great if you have an alt or just need a new look!  Suits lots of skins but I used Pink Fuel Candy Skin which was also on Special for Valentine. Love this skin! Ty Mochi!  I just added a smokey eyeshadow from Ferrishyn Designs to get this look (shop closed I think). But you can find similar smokey eyes elsewhere.  Shape is LIMITED Offer and only $99.  Hope you like.  And enjoy the rest of your day. I am going back to snuggling on the sofa and hope I will have a little more energy tomorrow.  Thank you for peeking.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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