~:Curiously sweet!

Hello again! Ohmy..more foraging in ol’ Inventory..and isn’t this such a pretty look!  The new Curio Party Girl  Skin (Xmas Group Giftie).   I do love natural looks with a slash of scarlet across the lips. Plus..wait for it..a mesh dress from no less! Wooot! (PC nearly died but I managed to snap a few piccies…tadaa!)  Anyway…this lovely Annette Dress from Elymode which has both Mesh & Sculpt Add-ons so if your PC is sh*te  like mine..you can continue with the hark the dinosaur days.

Oh and the fabulous poses are from Pacs of 22679!  Yay! Paco tossed me a collection of  his *Denim Poses* which he probably rustled up whilst simultaneously blending an awesome outfit & chatting to me in World hehe.  Pacs  is pretty good at making poses actually..just another skill to add to his increasing repertoire (wails* I need to learn sooo much!), But do pop along and get them cos they are suuuper! More piccies below:

The Lang Suede Satchel Bag is from Priss (X-mas Giftie). Sole Mio Necklace is Purplemoon. Backdrop Summer Frame @ North West.  Sofa @ Lithium. Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes.

Thanks ever so much for looking in here and reading my ramblings.  See you anon.

((Xanthe)) xoxox


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