~:Swishy sophisticated silks…..

Hello!  I played a little in SL last night and was rather taken with these silks!  Who would have thought *Silks* could look so ssophisticated! Hell yeh! (Oh gawd..just realised ..moaaarrr boobage!  Sorry! Running theme in my blog of late..I promice to cover up next time).  Anywwwaayy… I rather like these Coin Silks from Angelwing (and  from an aesthetic viewpoint..they are extremely detailed and well made pieces of design.  They swish, flow and tinkle pleasingly when you walk..am sure if you included a couple of hip swirling animations you could have a lot of fun with these :D).   

One of the beauties of blogging purely for fun..is that is just that.  A little fun to absorb me for a short period.   I hope the pics are ok..had a few problems rezzing..boo hoo hiss…I loaded the new Phoenix mesh..not bad but rezzing takes an age…bahhhhhh(!!) 

The backdrop Textures were an X-Mas Gift from my lovely friend  Khan Omizu of [K.O Textures] which contain a veritable collection of some awesome textures which he created over the past year (ty dear Khan!).  The Rococo frame is also from Khan.  Love it.  Agness Shape @ CS ShapesSmoky Brown Eye-shadow @ Ferrishyn Designs .  Hangover Hair in Blonde @ Pomme d’AmourPoses my own which you can find instore for free. Thanks ever so much for peeking in.  ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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