:~Hot Mood Hoodie Dress (New Release)

Mmm…smexy!! Soo good to see David78 Messer of Hood Mood releasing his particular brand of sexy which you can see in this contemporary and super stylish Hoodie Dress. Love it!  Colour is cool & understated and lots of detail in the design to make it a cut above the rest.  Gorgeous! I have created a bit of a Barbarella look.  Somehow it just evolved that way.  Heeee 😀


Pretty Agness Shape @ CS Shapes which am finding soo versatile for different looks.  May Skin is Al Vulo (Giftie @ Winter Fair ..please see previous post) (worn with lipstick from Cheerno). Curvaceous Boots @ Gos. Poses @ EverglowChristmas Eyes @ Poetic Colors (last years Giftie). Bangles @ Mandala.  Hair @ kik. Hair Flowers @ Its cake (Pink)  & Ema’s Secret (Grey) . Backdrop Shabby Door Textures by my old friend Khan @  [K.O.] Framelight Textures (coming soon!) Not all links this time but do toss me an IM if you get stuck!  Off to beddies I go.  Exhausted! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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