~:Pretty Agness Shape, Indi Designs & other goodies…

Ohmy! I confess I got a little teary when I logged just now after a such a prolongedtime away! Wow…I had no idea so many of you lovely people were still peeking in ‘ere. I really am soo touched.  Am so sorry I havent been around. It has been difficult lately as I have had so much to do in RL. And various icky stresses meant that I haven’t had much spare energy ( I come home and revert to a vacuous trance). However, I have picked loads of goodies so hopefully I shall blog a little more this weekend. Weee… 😀

Anyway, I made a pretty shape. Agness Shape @ CS Shapes. Really lovely shape.  Pretty round, girlie face and innoscent looking eyes.  Here she is in various states of undress but do take a note of the other credits. There are some lovely items to look out for which are a credit to the designers concerned. Look at those Liquid Eyes by Ibanez…full-on limpid pools of blueberry! Loads of  delicious colors to choose from too. So so go for a fatpack if you can. :D.   The Rhapsody Lingerie Set in Purple is also Indi Designs.  Her lingerie sets are some of the best on the Grid.

Now then…this great Beige Hoodie is by Indi Designs (for guys…but works equally well for girls too..particularly if you like a boyish, casual look). The Hoodie comes in several muted colors.  And the gorgeous updo Ladybug Hair is by Pomme d’Amour. Love the Natural Red color whichyou see featured her but you can get this hair in blonde, black & brown too! Hey and check out the cute Reindeer from D-LAB in the backdrop (Project Themory event). Isnt he just fabulous?! Sits 4 people.  Animated poses included.  Umm..what else..oh yes..the Journal Leggings are Censored. The Radiance Pearl Earrings are Addiction.

Fuller view: Pencil Poses by  IzziesUnisex Poses by Studio Sidhe .

I think that’s it.  Thank you for looking in.  And see you soon!

((Xanthe Audeburgh)) xoxo


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