Marcus Shape* for (Menstuff Hunt)’s that time again..Menstuff Hunt! When the guys get to run amok & forage together for their boy stuffs in little hunting groups which are usually accompanied with good-natured mutual back slapping when one of them finds the hidden object.  Awws.  I actually love the Menstuff Hunt…my boy gets to go on day release & pick up some fabulous gear.  He often makes a new friend too 😀 .

This Hunt isn’t just for will also find one or two unisex items.  Besides, everyone knows that most discerning female avis have a *maltaltos* whom they love to dress.  Anyway, MARCUS Shape @ CS Shapes this is my contribution.  MARCUS is nice boyish, though masculine shape that should hopefully have a wide appeal.  I know it is hard to please the entire masses but this is a great shape that I hope you will love. Find the Styling details included in the gift pack. 

I havent been around SL much lately..a combination of feeling a little under par and just not having much enthusiasm for any of the histrionics associated with lag, crashing or fretting over lighting, angles &  shadows etc.  But I do feel a little better and hope to blog again soon. 😀

Pic taken @ Umedama Holic SIM.  Marcus costs $0.  Check out the Menstuff Hunt Blog for Hints & Slurls. 

Have fun and see you soon.  Thank you for looking in! 




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