All Brolly-ed Up!

My friend Squashy bought me this Umbrella (brolly to you and me) and I have been meaning to blog it for AGES but just didnt have the right outfit!   I wanted to balance the colorful Strawberry design with something a little more choppy and boyish and found just the look!   But the look is of less importance than the Brolly itself.  It was a generous & thoughtful gift given to me by a  sweet friend who knew I wanted it.  I had been perving it for some time but the tier duties meant I was waiting for a *rainy day* to buy it. It really is a fabulous brolly…it has the full animated effects of a rainy, drizzly day..much as I experience in Southern England so I felt quite at home under it!! Find the Brolly @ Node.  Ty Squashy! xoxox

If you like this look then you need:  Skin @ Filthy (Group Gift). Emilia Lipstick @ Cheerno FemmeAllegra Shape @ CS ShapesNaomi Hair @ D!VA (Group Gift)  Baggy Pants @ Grasp (previous Hunting 9  Gift).  Pigmy Wasitcoat @ !Ohmai (Seasons Hunt Gift), Sweet Autumn Black Cardigan @ Alexohol,  UGG Boots @ SAKIDEUmbrella Poses @ {Just a Pose}.  Piccies taken @ World’s End SIM.


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