A splendid *Duffle Coat*….

Hello! Quick insomniacs post!…(Though I can’t promice that it will make sense all the time, nor will it contain ALL the links. Bah.  Anyway, I expect I shall have a mini sleep and wake up with an imprint of the keyboard on my face (has never happened as I am usually super sensible about my bedtime routine.  Tidy up, wash any stray dishes, clean, tone moisturize face & clean teefs.  Jimjams on then PUNCH my feather pillow into a shape so I can bury my face in..Zzzz  :D.

Anyway, today I remembered my Duffle Coat.  The one I took to the Dry Cleaners and forgot to collect for a year. SIGH.  The cleaners very kindly donated it to a homeless charity (though I still had to settle the bill…fair enough…lesson learned). And good to think it was keeping someone warm.  And Paco Pooley of 22769 made this Duffle Coat (for meee..actually he didnt but am sure he would have done if I had asked..cos he is a real softie XD)..And what a splendid Coat it is! You will find at the Gallery Gift Shop!  This is a great event with several unique collectible items . Plus you can browse the wonderful art too..original works if you wanna give your home that just stepped out of Homes & Garden look.  Am I making sense still?  Eyes drooping slightly now..so here is the look in full…Oh and check out those piercing Anya Eyes from Aphotic Gloom! (New!)

Allegra Shape is@ CS Shapes. Skin My UglyDorothy. Pretty Anya Eyes @ Aphotic Gloom (NEW! )  Cute Beach Hair @ Pomme d Amour Hair (formerly I Love Olive) (NEW!). Duffle Coat by 22769 @ The Gallery Gift Shop. Baldini Shoes @ Indi DesignsPoses @ Everglow (NEW). Sweater @ NuDolu on the TSH Piccies taken at Mikan. Thanks for looking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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