A time to just be..

This was the result of an early morning rise when I headed up to the beautiful, World’s End location to snap a few piccies with nothing but the dawn chorus of birds in RL to keep me company.  I now understand why early morning is such a perfect time to meditate, reflect, or if you are that way inclined..to get re-acquainted with your maker.  I did all three in my usual haphazard, unique sort of way lol.  Strong, black coffee & toast to hand, curtains open with a little hint of light in from a diminishing moon. 

These beautiful folded, Static [INU-YA] Wings are  Gift at +SugarCoat+ (1st Anniversary.  Find other goodies there too!)    Tara Shape is CS Shapes (New Improved).  Hair is on the Hunting 9 Event by Grasp  @ Tukinowaguma (Hunting 9 Gift). Look for the pink star  Mel Dress is EMO-tions (Fright Hunt on Jersey Shore SIM).  Lysie Poses are Purple Poses (New) (these are truly exceptional poses.  Love them all!) . Necklace in top pic @ JD Designs.


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