Gothy Lassie & Pigmy Puffs….

Ooh err…what black peepers you have Missy!  Actually I bought these Darkness Blue Eyes last week @ Umedama Holic and completely forgot I had them! And somehow…while I fiddled earlier, they became part of this look which is probably as “gothy” as I could get given the abscence of  of any dark influences  in my Invent hehe :p .  And..the Emporium Pygmy Puffs! …Simply adorable balls of animated little puffs that occasionally twinkle their eyes, poke their tongue out & wiggle their ears but more or less sit happily on your shoulders (and best of all do NOT require feeding!). LOVE them! Only $30 Gatcha @ !Ohmai.   More piccies below while I try to remember all the credits 😛

Effortless Poses are Group Gift @ CS Shapes.  Allegra Shape also @ CS ShapesPuddle Boots @ Miel. Dress @ Hal*Hina.  Acidules Piercings @ [Acide].  Leather Necklace @ Soul Accessory (Group Gift) . Hair @ D!VA (Group Gift) .  Shabby chic BackdropTexure at [K.O Framelight] Textures


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