Byjove, “Chloe” looks English…

Why hurrllllaa Chloe Skin from Belleza!  I confess every release from the mega giant of skin traders sends me into a tiny tizzy…cos you see the extraordinary detail which is the benchmark that many would be skin creators aspire too.  Anyway, wildly blogged and like many…I CANNOT wait to trial the up and coming new releases!  Find the Chloe Skin in the Notices of the Belleza Group which does necessitate a modest join fee but it is an absolute must, especially new folks keen on looking inconspicuously noob-like. Hallejulla!

This skin makes any shape look amazing but if you like this look, I used  ATHENA Shape* @ CS Shapes (New! ).   (Shape has little more pout for more smooch efffect).  The beautiful Callus Eyes are Anaphotic GloomJoy Hair @ Kik. Pose @ Bent!.  Bodysuit @ Whippet & Buck.  Eyeliner @ Huit. Lashes @ Exodi. Bracelet @ yabusaka.  Couple more piccies below & playing around with da shadows…XD:

Thank you for peeking. Nodding off here so must get to ma bed.. (((Xanthe))) xoxo


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