For the love of Allegra*


And the love of red!  This look is entirely thanks to Squashy whom I have to thank for my revived interest in red hair.  Squashy must have the whole collection of red hairs in SL :D.  I do love red hair..and it’s great to pay homage to all redheads everywhere…reds do kinda rock!  Anyway, this is ALLEGRA Shape*! New @ CS Shapes!  Kinda wide of hip, small of boobscicles as Fauna calls them…more of a refined pear shape if that is the style that rocks your boat.  The Druuna Eyes are Aphotic Gloom (do try these out as they are simply marvelous!).  The Tattoo is Love & Life is by Jared Spearsong. (Please note that I could not locate an LM but hopefully Jared will open shop again soon!).  Poses are the Runaway styles  BENT! (ty Catherine!).  Comes with Styling details or you can IM me direct in World. Thanks for looking in.  Garlic chicken ready…yum 😛 (((Xanthe)))


9 thoughts on “For the love of Allegra*

    1. Oh hi Emma..sorry for late reply..I forget to check dashboard after posts. The skin is Thea from Laqroki. This one is Milky and the fourth one of the pack of 4. Yes it’s lovely skin. And thanks for the kind comment. I will send this message to your email address too just in case you miss it here. X xoxoxox

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