Pretty hatted hair…

This is one of those hatted hairs you can wear with absolutely anything, including a Boho Floral chic Dress.  LOVE it, especially the wispy bits.  Trina Hair in Darkbrown is New @ EMO-tions where you always find a great selection of hairs that suit all sorts of  styles, including super casual.  Short postie but a couple more piccies below.  Sally Shape @ CS Shapes.  Eyes @ Umedama Holic.  Poses *amato* on the CDTH Hunt. Petal Dress @ Tulip.  Urg..what is it with WordPress not allowing me to add links.  “Grr”.  Sorry about that.  You should be able to find the links in Search but please IM me if you get stuck.  Hugz* ((Xanthe))

Oh noooos! It wasn’t until I posted that I realised the Trina Hair had a braid attachment. Not having a great day today!  Anyway I snapped said braid quickly while shopping so just a simple piccie below. Soo sorry!  *hides*


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