A floral excurcion….

Quick postiepops!  Had a little excursion earlier and snapped a few piccies rather quickly in this impromptu outdoor setting as there might be a few items of interest for you! Gifts especially! I love the pretty Floral Hair Accessory which you can find in the *BP* Update Group.  Sweet!  (you can join Group from my profle then check in the Notices).  Ty Bettiepops! And the cute Floral Leggings are part of a set from Buttercups  (Gift in Subscribo). Great shop btw.  Worth a look for sure.  To get the leggings, tap the Subscribo & look in the History tab) . Finally, the pretty Silk Top  is Indi Designs (see it in full below). Comes in loads of colors which I am sure I wil feature at some point.  This one is Eggshell  and can be worn short too! My pretty Cyndy Shape @ CS ShapesLOU LOU Hair @ Em0-tionsPoses are @ VAGO (Gift). Doll Eyes @ Umedama Holic (Group Gift). 

 One more…incidently pics taken in Warrambungles SIM. 

All done.  Phew. Can go shopping in RL now :p.  Ty for peeking.  ((Xanthe))


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