Cute White Dress….(Giftie)

Find this sweet White Dress at Bonne Chance! (Group Gift) Vitamingirl is terribly generous…she always has fabulous gifts &  lovely items on the Lucky Boards. Hmmm..incidentally am I the only one who finds creating shadows a real chore?  I must say I hold anyone who creates them with such ease in stylistic deference …I find it a bit of a bore when everything slows down to a snails pace (I may have moaned about this before.  Gawd.).  I seem to snap more pics with the eyes closed too!  Sheesh. LOL. Anyway I gave up and snapped the last pic in simple windlight…hey ho..Anyway, the lovely White Baldini Shoes are @ Indi Designs.  These cute Me Perfect Poses are new @ [Ilaya] (TOSL) . Grace Shape @ CS Shapes (NEW!).   Lune Skin in Sugar @ Leafy Emelia Lipstick 04 @ CheernoPearl Necklace @ League. Frou frou Hair Dress & Pin (part of a lingerie set) @ RD.  Sorry this is such a short higgledypiggledity post.  Lil’ exhausted and need to collapssssssse on my sleeping pit real soon XD.   Hope you all have a lovely evening & ty for peeking. ((Xanthe)


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