):( Smoulderin’ in Indi Designs + Umedama Holic (New)


It is entirely appropriate for me to pay tribute to these two creators cos for me, they really do represent quality of design.   Folks who read my blog will know I rave on incessantly about Umedama Holic’s eyes.  (He has a nice Group Gift too atm so do check it out!) But these are the NEW Light Blue Eyes.  Gorgeous aren’t they?  And I absolutely love Indi Designs!  This European creator consistently produces wearable & beautiful clothing, like the sexy “Rapture Lingerie Set” below..how is that for a super hottie look!!  And check out her  Baldini Shoes below! Ty Jamie! This is just a little flavour of some of the new releases from Indi Designs…I have TONS to blog from this label..(currently waiting for a new laptop so will be able to take better piccies sans crashing. I had to remain static in one pose and snap real quick for this post!  🙂 ) .  Hopefully the picciesare ok.  Please see the credits below.

Shoooees! I especially LOVE these Baldini Shoes @ Indi Designs as I don’t have to worry about matching the skin (urg..my pet hate!) 🙂


~Doll Eyes in Lightblue @ Umedama Holic (NEW!)

~Rapture Lingerie Set in Black  + BALDINI Shoes @ Indi Designs (NEW!)

~Cyndy Shape @ CS Shapes (NEW!)

~Baby* Blonde Hair @ EMO-tions

~Poses @ Marukin

~Bracelet @ Mandala

Thank you for looking in!  ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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