Cute Cyndy Shape* (New!)

I just love making shapes!  Ones that make me go ahhhh…and this is an impossibly pretty shape…a curvy little nugget to reflect your most awesome self in SL.  I sometimes feel like a little socceress dispensing with these little characters all with their own personalities.  CYNDY Shape @ CS Shapes is just a cute shape which I hope folks enjoy wearing as I do.  More piccies below: Pssst…you might like to get the color change Headband is Indie Rose (TOSL Special).  Poses @ ROZENA, NOX & Magnifique. And I must mention the eyes!…I finally bought a new pair of Nigella Eyes  @ Umedama Holic.  I would recommend his eyes…just one of many that I love. Pearl & Lace Bracelt (part of a set) @  League (FLF Special).  Have fun! ((Xanthe)) PS I have tons of goodies to blog..hard to know where to begin! Hey ho…:D

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