It’s a Whitewash…

Now for a bit of sexxxy…Not Button handed me this Alanya  skin which turned the little Dollypops into a smouldering siren! Much like a well heeled girl from North London.  I am only featuring one of the skins as rezzing takes an age but you get a darker cinnamon toast tone too! I especially like the “pores” and slight shine on this skin…lends it a great deal of realism :D.   ALSO, some fabby White Jeans from Indi Designs! LOVE them They are kinda like your boyfriends’ Jeans that you never want to hand back.  Can be worn with or without a black or white leather belt with a choice of sculpty parts etc (more than just a pair of jeans..they are well..awesome 🙂 )  Love the baggy *rse especially :P. See below: 

just playing with the Lighting…atleast until I buy a new PC that doesn’t attention whore lol


~Alanya Skin Beach Tan 06 @ Not Button’sSkins (New)

~841 White Jeans @ Indi Designs

~Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes

~Tsubura Eyes @ Umedema Holic (I MUST buy new eyes from there!)

~Fae Earrings @ Dark Mouse

~KAGETORA White Metal Necklace @ Mandala

~Bullet Necklace @ MB Style

~Nymph Hair @ Shag

~Schoolgirl Poses @ ROZENA ($1 FLO Summer Scavenger Hunt)

~Olive Meadow Flats ~ DECO (Season’s Hunt)

~Grey Tank @ Randomcity (worn with Sheer Morning After Tank @ Sacred Roses)

~Lashes @ OS (closed I think)

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