Delicate “Role Optic” Glasses + more Poupee goodies


These cute Glasses above are new from Role Optic (they are soo delicate I cammed in close).  Great glasses if you looking for a set of intelligent looking specs which are a little more on the subtle side.  Scripted of course so you can alter the hue & gravity of the lenses.  More Poupee Hunt items which I am sure you will love below:

Waistcoat style Top is BOOM* (Poupee Hunt). The cute floral Backpack Style Handbag is Mocha (Poupee Hunt). Bunny Bed is LISP (Poupee Hunt).  Soo cute!  A few little animated “sits” on this LISP Bed btw.  I was thrilled with the White Curvaceous Boots from Gos (FLF).  I rarely wear spiky boots but these really are tastefully made & very wearable.  Cocoa Hair is Heart Softens ($35 gatcha).  All Poses are BENT!  Sandy Shape @ CS Shapes. Delicate Skin @ My UGLYDOROTHYLipstick @ Pink Fuel.  Mango Jeans @ Koketka.

Ooh..nearly forgot! Bracelet is opening [..::Swoon Style!::..] Group (which I set up recently to share tips/gifts found on my SL wanderings/Special Events/Hunt news etc with friends & anyone else who wants to join (open enrollement.  So please feel free to join if you have space).  Close-up of Bracelet below which I made thanks to Yabusaka‘s incredible sculpties.  Love the sheen on these little sculpties 😀


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