Apple Blossom…

I haven’t blogged for awhile but played around a little last night after a traumatic day and came up with this look. I entitled it “Apple blossom” as I used a different windlight setting which gave this lovely soft effect which I love. 

This is now my new Plurk piccie…& a reminder how much I love cupcakes 😛


~Luna Skin @ *Leafy*

~Elly Glam Lipstick in Hard Candy @ Pink Fuel

~Catriona Shape @ CS Shapes

~Blonde Hair @ Heart Softens (Group Gift)

~Creamside Bodysuit @ Sur+ (Seasons Summer Hunt)

~Floral Corsage @ Clawtooth (Seasons Summer Hunt)

~Deck Chair, Guitar & Picture frame @ LISP (Summer Seasons Hunt)

~Cupcakes with Pose @ Magnifique (Cupcake War Hunt Gift)

~Pose (middle piccie) @  [Lauria]

~Smoothglow Eyes in Cumin @ Ibanez

Have fun & ty for peeking in!  (((Xanthe)))


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